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  • Corporate

    Sichuan YOUFUN Paper Group is the largest bamboo-pulp-paper industry in Sichuan Province, establishing two production bases in Muchuan County of Leshan and Xuyong County of Luzhou . Now it consists of six subsidiaries and branches, a provincial engineering and technology center. With total assets of 3 billion yuan, the annual pulp and paper capacity reaches 600,000 tons, sales income over 2.5 billion yuan, more than 1,800 employees, of whom professional and technical personnel are more than 500.

    The Group has been successively awarded "Excellent Enterprise in Sichuan Province", "Provincial Leading Enterprise in Forestry Industrialization", "88 Key Advantage Enterprises in Sichuan Province" and "Key Forestry Enterprise in National Forestry Industry", and has been designated as "Agricultural Industrialization National Key Leading Enterprise " and " National Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization ".

    The Group has 47 years of professional experience in the production of bamboo-pulp-paper, and its production scale, crafts and technologies, product quality in this field has been ranking in the advanced level. The main equipment include: 2 domestic advanced pulp production lines, 3 top-grade paper and several tissue production lines; pulp production line adopts advanced international technologies, such as DDS low energy consumption super-displacement cooking, closed screening, chlorine dioxide bleaching and so on. Among them, "the key technology and functional application of bamboo fiber preparation" has been awarded by the State Council as "the National Science Progress Award." Leading products include top-grade bamboo board, culture paper, tissue and so on.

    In 1996, the company was the first batch to gain ISO9001 quality system and product certification. Tested by The SGS international agencies tested the products without any toxic elements. In 2005, the leading brand, YOUFUN, was recognized as China's well-known trademark, and its products were well sold all over the country, popular with customers. Production and sales rates have maintained 100%.

    The production system of plants affiliated to the Groud was designed to pursue the circular economy concept, to adopt the advanced pulping technology, and to improve cogeneration, alkali recovery, white water recovery(the white wate is a kind of water containing fiber.). All theses make resources fully recycled and re-used, which not only cuts down resources consumption , but also reduces pollution emissions. Extraction rate of black liquor is 96%, self-sufficiency rate of steaming and boiling alkali is 100%, and water recycling rate is 85%, comprehensive standard coal consumption per ton is 210 kg (GB 650 kg). YOUFUN Pulp - Paper Co., Ltd, founded and put into operation in 2009, won the second prize in the selection of outstanding technological innovation achievements in the second energy conservation and emission reduction among national papermaking industries. In May of this year, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions awarded the honorary title of "National May 1st Labor Certificate" to YOUFUN Pulp - Paper Co., Ltd. in recognition of its outstanding achievements in the energy-conservation and emission-reduction standard competition in key industries.

    In recent years, the company has continued to increase investment in environmental protection, investing more than 50 million yuan on the subordinate production plants to respectively implement the "comprehensive control of odor ", "technological reformation in boiler flue gas desulfurization and derexification", "ultra-clean boiler flue gas emissions" and so on. Further progress in pollution control has been made.

    The development of the Group has been the driving force to  the development of the regional economy and has increased the farmers' incomes in mountain areas. Over the years, adhering to the development strategy of bambo-pulp-paper integration, and guided by the principle of "being a good leader in the industry and enriching local people", the company has accumulatively subsidized more than 70 million yuan to support bamboo plantation and afforestation in Muchuan County and its surrounding areas. Through the implementation of bamboo-pulp-paper industry management, the company has received win-win results,such as enhancing development of production base, boosting farmers' income, greening mountains. Taking Muchuan County, one of the major production bases of the company, as an example, the area of forestland has risen from 298,000 acres in the early 1980s to 171 million acres, of which the bamboo forest area has grown from 20,000 acres to 790,000 acres, and the forest coverage rate has reached 77.34%. The annual income of farmers brought by forestry-pulp-paper in Muchuan County increased from less than 20 yuan to over 2000 yuan, accounting for 1/3 of the net income per capita.

    At present, the Group needs 1.6 million tons of bamboo annually and nearly 10 billion yuan of agricultural income can be boosted every year. This will boost the income of nearly 1 million farmers in two state-level poverty-stricken counties and one provincial poverty-stricken county in the region, thereby boosting the development of regional economy. In 2013, all the subordinate plants passed the certification of FSC (Forest Certification System).

    Based on the advantages of existing technologies, resources and products, YOUFUN Paper Group will unswervingly implement the strategy of bamboo-pulp-paper industry management and achieve a unified and sustainable development with the environment and resources, so as to continuously make the company bigger and stronger. YOUFUN Paper Group will rank top among the bamboo-pulp-paper indutries in the west of China.

    Enterprise Architecture

    Comprehensive Advantages

    Coverage of bamboo area — 2000000 acres

    The only bamboo fiber technology research center

    First-class production equipment

    3 top-grade culture paper and several tissue production lines

    2 domestic advanced large-scale pulp production lines

    Using DDS low-power super-displacement cooking, closed screening, chlorine dioxide bleaching and other advanced international technologies

    Adopt 100% pure bamboo pulp asraw materials

    Cultural paper:  High brightenss,  good stiffness , no yellowing

    Household paper: natural color without bleaching, no harmful additives

    Sales network throughout the country, and export to Europe,Australia,Southeast Asia

  • Founded in 1970, through 40 years of great-leap-forward development, YOUFUN Paper Group has now developed into the largest bamboo-pulp-paper industry inSichuan, and its scale of production, crafts and technologies, and its product quality in the field of bamboo-pulp-paper industry have ranked top all over the country.

    The corporate vision of YOUFUN is to become a global leader in the bamboo-pulp-paper industry. Based on the existing advantages of technologies, resources and products, YOUFUN Paper will unswervingly implement the development strategy of bamboo-pulp-paper integration, so as to achieve harmonization and sustainable development with environment and resources.

    With the four pillars of development, innovation, loyalty and faithfulness value concept system, YOUFUN Paper takes full competition as a solid foundation, strives to be a strong enterprise by winning and creates a distinctive modern enterprise culture of "YOUFUN Way" system.

    Core values of YOUFUN
    Loyalty  -  Loyalty as Foundation
    Honesty  - Honesty as Guiding Principle
    Courage - Courage to Innovation
    Knowledge - Knowledge as Tool to Forge Ahead
    Loyalty -  Loyalty as Foundation: YOUFUN adheres to the principle of people-oriented, regards loyalty as the foundation of life as a man. Loyalty from employees to the company is loyal to themselves. Advocating staff to be loyal to company, and company loyal to employees, and then enhance the loyalty from company to the country, and to the people.
    Honesty -Honesty as Guiding Principle: YOUFUN Paper will adhere to regard honesty as its guiding principle in business, stick to customer-oriented policy, abide by the honesty to users, gain the trust of users, government, society, partners. These are the outline of the prosperity of YOUFUN Paper Group, and the principle of success of the business.
    Courage - Courage to Innovation: Innovation is the motive force for the development of YOUFUN; innovation is the main theme of YOUFUN. However, innovation must take a certain risk, so you need to have the courage and boldness to risk. YOUFUN adheres to the spirit of innovation, forge ahead, reform, tolerance, be risk-taking, be courageous to risk, seek survival and development in innovation.
    Knowledge -knowledge as tool to forge ahead: First, people in YOUFUN should continue to learn cutting-edge scientific knowledge, increase the knowledge of modern management, and constantly promote scientific and technological progress of enterprises and management progress. Second, the  spirit of YOUFUN- Immortality. Bamboo has joint, like gentleman with virtues. People in YOUFUN regard bamboo's virtue as their guidelines. The perseverance and upward attitude toward life comes from YOUFUN's introverted and steady development strategy for constant pursuit of excellence.

    YOUFUN regards environmental protection as its top priority and injects vitality into itself through the concept of sustainable development. The Group will unswervingly implement the concept of pollution control through energy-conservation, natural environmental protection, while it has constantly pursued excellence and better ourselves, and made achivements one by one.
    Bamboo's tenacity and resoluteness is the spirit of YOUFUN. YOUFUN will unswervingly uphold the spirit of bamboo, be courageous to forge ahead, adhere to cultural heritage, cast higher glory, and be a global leader in forestry-pulp-paper industries.

    Learn bamboo's essence
    Inherit human culture
    Make YOUFUN stronger
    Benefit regional people.

    Learn bamboo's essence——YOUFUN Group is a company which regards bamboo as resources, and implements bamboo-pulp -paper integration management. The main business of YOUFUN is to "draw bamboo's essence" to create high-quality paper.
    Inherit human culture——YOUFUN culture paper products is mainly to inherit civilization and promote the progress of Chinese culture. High-quality paper made by YOUFUN aims at writing the latest and most beautiful article between heaven and earth, which is the sacred mission of YOUFUN.
    Make YOUFUN stronger——YOUFUN Paper has been bigger and stronger. "Power" is the only way to make YOUFUN Group to be a pivotal pillar industry. This is a strong sense of personal responsibility of people in YOUFUN.
    Benefit regional people——YOUFUN stands still in rural town, revitalizes the regional economy, promotes the development of local society, brings reciprocity and mutual benefit to local people, coexists and shares common prosperity, and drives people better-off comprehensively. These are YOUFUN people's profound social mission---love country, love people.

  • l 1970's start
    With the feelings and responsibilities to bamboo-pulp-paper production, YOUFUN came into being.

    l 1990's Transformation
    In 1992, YOUFUN restructured, then Sichuan YOUFUN Paper Co., Ltd.set up.
    In 1996, the company was the first batch to gain ISO9001 quality system and product certification.
    In 1998, on the basis of expanding the scale of production, YOUFUN introduced advanced production technology, pollution control technology and facilities and implemented five technical renovation projects with pollution control as its core.

    l 2000's Breakthrough
    Double-line mining in material technology and product market
    In 2000, the company won the first batch of national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization.
    In 2001, the company completed five technical transformations, and became a large modern bamboo-pulp-paper production enterprises
    In 2005, YOUFUN won the China Famous Brand

    l 2010's Innovation
    With 200,000 tons of bamboo pulp project in Muchuan and 250,000 tons of bamboo pulp project in Xuyong successively put into operation, YOUFUN became the world's largest bamboo-pulp-paper production enterprise.
    In May of 2010, the company was allowed to set up "Sichuan bamboo-pulp-paper engineering research center"
    In January 2013, Sichuan YOUFUN Paper Group was established with 6 subsidiaries and branches (sub-subsidiaries) and one provincial technical center

    YOUFUN constantly explores the spirit of continuous innovation and enjoys steady growth. It has achieved harmonization and sustainable development with the environment and resources. YOUFUN is willing to share the world with the green, win-win future!

  • Brand
    to create a first-class brand of bamboo-pulp-paper

    to pursue scientific and technological innovation dedicating to environmental protection in the field of bamboo fiber materials

    Science and technology
    to research and develop new materials and to promote industrial transformation

    to integrate the company's high-quality assets and to go public

  • Agricultural Industrialization Leading National Key Enterprises
    National Outstanding Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprises
    2017 National May Day Labor Certificate
    "Bamboo Fiber Preparation of Key Technologies and Functional Applications" awarded by the State Council as the "National Science and Technology Progress Award"
    National Forestry Key Enterprises
    Provincial Poverty Alleviation Leading Enterprises
    Promote Agricultural Income and Highlight the Leading Enterprises
    The second prize of National Paper Industry Energy-Conservation and Emission-Reduction Outstanding Technical Innovation
    National Contract-Oriented and Credit-Oriented Enterprises
    National Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprises

    Culture of paper of YOUFUNpai-Famous Trademark of China, Famous Products of Sichuan
    Household base paper of YOUFUNpai - Famous Trademark of Sichuan
    Bleached bamboo pulp board of YOUFUNpai - Famous Products of Sichuan

  • 200,000 tons of bamboo pulp project in Luzhou is formally put into production

    YOUFUN Paper Industry Group becomes the lar...

    26 02

    200,000 tons of bamboo pulp project in Luzhou is formally put into production

    Time:2018-02-26 14:15:25

    With the first white pulp board came out at 02:10 on December 19, 2017, the whole line of Luzhou Pulp Paper which is subordinate to YOUFUN Paper Group, was put into operation. So far, the production capacity of bamboo pulp of YOUFUN Paper Group has exceeded 500,000 tons/year, becoming the largest integrated enterprise of bamboo pulp paper in China.

    It is understood that the total investment of the project is 1.112 billion yuan, and the construction includes a pulp plants with annual production of 200,000 tons and a raw material forest base with 450,000 mu. The project adopts advanced technologies such as DDS super-replacement cooking, closed screening, consistency bleaching in ECF and other international advanced technologies, the overall process of the project, the equipment level, and the environmental protection facilities reach the advanced level in China, and the pulping process has reached the international advanced level. The project was started in September 2016, the original color bamboo pulp board was produced on December 6 after 15 months of tight construction and commissioning, and it was transferred to produce the bleached bamboo pulp board successfully on December 19.

    “After the project is put into operation, it is expected that the sales revenue can be more than 1 billion yuan per year, and the income of farmers will be increased by 600 million yuan, which will drive nearly 7,000 people to work. The official production of the project not only further strengthens the leading position of YOUFUN Paper in the field of bamboo pulp paper, but also promotes local economic and industrial development.” According to Zhao Lin, head of the project, the project is an industry-leading project of continuous poverty alleviation and development in Wumeng Mountain, and the project is located in Xuyong County of Luzhou City, the national poverty-stricken county, its subtropical climate, abundant rainfall, and vast territory provide a good condition for the growth of bamboo. It is also a key county of the national bamboo base construction. After the production of the project, it will consume 1 million tons of fresh bamboo, gaining more than 600 million yuan of annual income, and effectively drive the development of related industries such as energy and transportation, which will be good for the poverty alleviation and increasing bamboo farmers’ income in Xuyong County, and be of significant economic and social benefits. 

  • YOUFUN Paper is invited to participate in the 2018 Sichuan Telecom Spring Termin

    More than 10 million orders of household paper we...

    11 01

    YOUFUN Paper is invited to participate in the 2018 Sichuan Telecom Spring Termin

    Time:2018-01-11 21:04:58

    On the afternoon of December 5, YOUFUN Paper was invited to participate in the 2018 Sichuan Telecom Terminal Industrial Chain Year and the Spring Terminal Ordering Meeting. In the order meeting, the amount of on-site order of YOUFUN Pure Bamboo Pulp Life Paper is up to 10.84 million Yuan.

    YOUFUN Paper has been focusing on the area of bamboo pulp paper for 47 years. Its raw materials adopt original ecological bamboo, and the bamboo fiber has natural bacteriostatic function, 100% pure bamboo pulp, no bleaching and no dyeing. Under the trend of consumption upgrading, it is more able to meet the needs of modern people to pursue health and quality. The order quantity of YOUFUN Paper sets a new record. Not only the old customers enthusiastically place orders, but also the increasing of new customers is beyond expectation. Many consumers in the scene bought YOUFUN household paper.

    YOUFUN Paper and Sichuan Telecom Leshan Company achieved cooperation in 2016 and raised this cooperation model to the level of provincial strategic cooperation in 2017. YOUFUN household paper has very high evaluation and attention on each terminal platform of Sichuan Telecom, whether on brand strength or product reputation. In the future, YOUFUN Paper and Sichuan Telecom will continue to push forward cooperation in depth, bringing household paper products with higher quality to consumers in Sichuan.

Pulp board

YOUFUN bleached pulp board

Taking the local Ci bamboo as the main raw material, it’s formed by slicing, washing with water, replacing cooking, screening and purifying, washing, bleaching and making. The pulp board is easy to be resolved, the cleanness is good, the strength and the whiteness are high, the product fiber is strong and the water absorption is good. It is an excellent raw material for producing white living paper and cultural paper.

Cooperation Tel:18086875999


Carbon paper

Cultural office paper

Taking the whole bamboo pulp as the raw material, the product is high in degree, the over-machine performance is good, the whiteness and the brightness are high, the thickness and the ink absorption are good, and therefore it is the first choice of the cultural office paper.

Cooperation Tel: 028-64651518


Base paper

Large-axis base paper

White household paper

Taking the bleached sulfate bamboo pulp as the main raw material, it is manufactured through a multi-step process, so that its fiber has good water absorption, flexibility, skin affinity property, and brightness, and the product is soft, delicate, and toughness.

Natural color household paper

Taking the natural growing Ci bamboo as the main raw material, and through multiple processes, careful pulp making, its fiber has good water absorption, flexibility and skin affinity property, without bleaching, fluorescent agent, dioxins and other harmful substances, a small amount of lignin is reserved, and the color of the product is more pleasant. Being manufactured carefully, the product becomes softer, more delicate and tougher.

FAX:0833 - 4612658



Household paper

Household paper

YOUFUN household paper takes the whole bamboo pulp as the main raw material, owns two big brands "YOUFUN" and "bamboo life", covering rolled paper, tissue, handkerchief paper, hand paper, business paper and other full product structure.

Cooperation Tel: 028-64651518

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